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expanding the kingdom of god

Prioritizing the KINgdom of God in the plan and use of financial resources is one way we show our trust in God, the source of all our resources. The church's financial resources have the power to create many opportunities. They can help us support people, start new projects, and form partnerships that bring progress and growth. With these resources, we can help people focus on what's important, build strong relationships, strengthen family ties, and reignite their passion for a fulfilling life.
ways you can donate:

In Person

Whenever you are on campus you can contribute using the donation envelopes and collection buckets and boxes that are available.


1400 S Lafayette St

Florissant, MO  63031

United States


Using our safe, secure online giving platform, you can feel safe about your gift.

ViA App

Using our safe, secure online Church App, you can feel safe about your gift. 

Down Load APP
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