You were created with a purpose and for a purpose. It’s our desire to help you discover your purpose and make a difference in the lives of others. Our team of volunteers can look range from greeting first-time guests, leading a small group, keeping our campuses clean, playing an instrument, serving in kids or the Chosen youth ministry, or meeting other practical needs across our campuses.
If you want to join our amazing Volunteer Team and get plugged into our COMM’UNITY’ we have a place for you!


Join our Communications Team and our CLC Information Technology.
We can always use more help. The bible says that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few and this is exactly our case. Every aspect of The Christian Life Center is made better by our amazing volunteer staff.
Don’t let this sound like under-appreciation of how God blesses The Christian Life Center. God blesses us abundantly, individually and as a body of believers; all so we can bless others. The more helping hands, the more souls that we can reach for God’s Kingdom. 

Leadership Portal

Welcome to the Leadership Portal. Our mission is to give our leaders and serving teams the resources they need to operate consistently and in excellence. From this site you can submit help desk requests, find documentation, and visit the various sites that leaders use on a regular basis.
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These forms help our teams prioritize your support/assistance/request and plan for you. If you do not yet have all of the details please estimate to the best of your ability and submit in a timely manner.
The information on this site is the property of The Christian Life Center. No broadcasting or duplication of any sermons in public form are allowed.